Making a Phoniebox

A Phoniebox is a music Jukebox that plays songs when RFID cards are swiped near it.



1. Download Raspbian Buster Lite

from , using the ZIP download link.

2. Flash an SD card

  1. Use Etcher to flash SD Card with Buster image
  2. Take out SD card, put it back in

3. Modify Wifi settings

  1. Open SD card partition “boot”
  2. Create file ssh
  3. Create file wpa_supplicant.conf as described in

4. Boot the Raspi

  1. Insert the card
  2. Plug in the card reader
  3. Plug in the USB audio device (optional)
  4. Plugin monitor and keyboard (optional)

5. Connect via SSH & Bootstrap Machine

  1. Find IP address via router admin UI
  2. Connect: ssh pi@<ip-address>
  3. Create .ssh/authorized_keys and add own public RSA key
  4. Change password for pi user using passwd
  5. Setup private key access
  6. Disable Password authentication for ssh in /etc/sshd_config
  7. Set Hostname

7. Get sound device info

  1. Setup DT Overlay for HiFiBerry MiniAmp
pcm.hifiberry {
    type softvol
    slave.pcm "plughw:0" "Master"
    control.card 0
pcm.!default {
    type plug
    slave.pcm "hifiberry"
  1. Reboot

Use this info in the next step.

6. Start Phoniebox install script


rm buster-install-*
chmod +x

Follow the interactive prompt.

If you are connected via Wifi already, skip the Wifi setup.

WiFi -> n

PCM as iFace -> no, should be „Master“ (if you use a HiFiBerry MiniAmp)

mpd -> y

default locations -> y

Start the first part of the installation with another y and wait some time.

7. Connect to the web UI

  1. Use ifconfig | grep inet to find the Raspi’s IP address.
  2. In a browser, connect to http://<ip-address>/ to open the Phoniebox web UI.

8. Upload music

  1. Have some MP3 files ready
  2. Go to “Folders & Files” to upload music files into new folders

9. Test audio playback

  1. maybe disable mpd if it doesn’t work right?
sudo systemctl disable mpd