Director, VMware Tanzu

Making a Phoniebox

A Phoniebox is a music Jukebox that plays songs when RFID cards are swiped near it. References Phoniebox installation log · GitHub [Tutorial] Phoniebox Reddit - Finished MusicBox Reddit - RFID Music Box V3 Phoniebox GitHub - MiczFlor/RPi-Jukebox-RFID Installing Phoniebox future3 — RPi Jukebox RFID 3.1.0 documentation Installation 1. Download Raspbian Buster Lite from , using the ZIP download link. 2. Flash an SD card Use Etcher to flash SD Card with Buster image Take out SD card, put it back in 3.

Concourse Fly REPL

have you ever needed to login into a team on concourse and then forgotten you were targeting that team and then done something stupid? I have the solution for you!

temp-fly will give you a fly REPL with a temporary configuration - that lasts only as long as the script is running!

Running Ghost on Cloud Foundry

At work, we often create blogs for our projects so that we can easily share out progress, and more importantly show people pretty pictures of our progress. Often we will use a public blog service like tumblr to create a password protected blog, which is convenient and probably the right way to go. Occasionally we will work with a client who cannot or will not use a public service like tumblr and so we need another way.